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Audio Preview: Maranda answers the question, “How would you describe your style of photography?”
Audio Preview: Lanise Howard answers the question, what does ownership look like to you beyond the imagery you create?​
Audio Preview: Is It Possible To Separate Your Opinion Vs Reflecting On Public Sentiment? Why?
Audio Preview: Gallery Curator, Kate, Discusses Melissa Meier’s Work

Collecting Art during a Time of Social Change

Dot Red’s panel discussion will focus on “Art Collecting During a Time of Social Change,” featuring arts advocate and activist collector Josef Vascovitz, Director of Community Philanthropy for the Portland Art Museum, John Goodwin, and Seattle-based visual artist Barbara Earl Thomas. 

How it Works

We facilitate conversations on art’s power and value, and create meaningful relationships by producing live events, online viewing rooms, and podcasts. We also provide pre-recorded content, art collecting advice, and other resources for emerging and established collectors.



Submit your exhibit initial pieces you are seeking to show along with the story behind the piece. Our curators want to gain an initial feel for the concept you are considering and if there’s a match.



Your exhibit is designed to deliver the look, feel, and engagement sought while capturing the conversations and garnering qualified leads.



Your exhibit is designed to deliver the look, feel, and engagement sought while capturing the conversations.


Adapt in today's art market

We all saw the result of businesses who couldn’t refine their marketing strategies in 2020.  We want to help gallerists and artists get in front of new qualified clients, extend their sales cycles, increase their brand visibility, and be more resilient during times of uncertainty.


“Dot Red — and, in particular, our primary contact Jeremy Quant — were exceptionally visionary in their concept and reassuringly professional in their execution. We never lacked for information or guidance.”

Director of Marketing
Los Angeles Museum of Art