Our Story

Dot Red is digitizing the art world by empowering artists to expand the visual footprint of their work through online platforms where art enthusiasts of every background connect with traditional galleries, museums, and art institutions. Dot Red is innovating the business of art through digital experiences and dynamic storytelling platforms that showcase the cultural relevance, ingenuity, and value of the people and creative processes that produce art.

We’re revolutionizing the commerce of art by making artists and their work more accessible through educational conversations and digital technologies that accelerate buyer purchasing decisions. In fact, Dot Red was born in a gallery when founder Jeremy Quant felt inspired by a red dot sticker next to an art piece to indicate it had been sold. Jeremy asked “What brings people to art?” A question that ultimately defined Dot Red’s mission to use the power of conversation to enhance the relationships between artists, curators, and the galleries, museums, and art communities that we all love and consider our cultural home.

  • 2014

Dot Red started as a Youtube Channel working with the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk. We began asking questions like “how do you survive as an artist” and “What brings people to art?”

  • 2015
Dot Red starts doing public art tours.

  • 2016
We began doing Arts Education Tours for the Pre-Kindergarten to 6th grade. We also began a curriculum for arts education programs and after School Activities.

  • 2017

Dot Red Partners with The LA Art Show held annually at the Los Angeles Convention Center to offer public and private tours.

  • 2018
Dot Red partners with corporate companies to offer private tours. This photo is with Brookfield Properties.

  • 2019
Dot Red partners with Los Angeles’s Council District 14 to create an immersive Arts festival.

  • 2020
Dot Red offers private tour experiences in multiple languages while building out a prototype for online experiences.

  • Today
Dot Red begins hybrid online art exhibition platform.


Jeremy Quant
Jeremy Quant Founder and CEO
Chris Surowiec
Chris Surowiec Chief Product Officer
Jim Thompson
Jim Thompson Founder and CEO
Heba Gibani
Heba Gibani Front End Developer


George Davis
George Davis Advisor
Edward Goldman
Edward Goldman Advisor
Stephanie Ardrey
Stephanie Ardrey Advisor
Sophia Powe
Sophia Powe Advisor

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