Cultural Revolution | 2022

Artist: Ciara Zoe
Medium: 120 film scan mounted on acrylic
Dimensions: 24 x 36 inches

Was the grail just a hoax set into motion centuries ago for some purpose we can no longer discern? Probably to control us or better yet, to confuse us. It is something like a “noise in the head of the prince” (Jack Spicer). The poet khas reached the edge of the shore. The wide ocean is before him, and the growing darkness. Words are broken up like pieces of glass on the beach. Watch your step. For the poet Ed Foster there are moments in life when we can escape the ego, and emerge, as if transformed, but this is not because of the mind, but the body. Foster writes, in A Looking Glass for Traytors, that at these moments, “Suffering and the past no longer invade the soul, and nothing is left, for the moment, but freedom ‘in the tearing wind.’” This is the liberation of not being bound by anything, where you remember nothing, regret nothing, move as if outside life itself, not bound by anything anyone has ever said, or one’s memories, or any acquired knowledge; one enters oblivion, willingly; one burns with the speed of the wind, tearing through space, until one is nothing at all, stripped of everything; one is perhaps then just a pure light entering the final darkness that will consume all.

Excerpt from “Cultural Revolution” written by Peter Valente

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