Artist: Ivan Moscovich
Medium: marker on paper
Dimensions: 24 x 24 inches

He becomes the field as he cultivates it, and, in turn he is cultivated by what he creates. The process is messy: horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines haphazardly suggest golden wheat stalks in the fields, as they embody the repetitive action pick up, let go; pick up, let go; pick up, let go. Body and sun and earth dissolve in the broad strokes of the 1 golden legs and feet, as the alchemy—that is art, that is life— transforms dirt and flesh into light. The observer’s eye is not meant to rest; it has to pull, from the light, a small, subtle form of a human being. Otherwise, all is flame; and earth; and stars. The sower sows his own yearning for the infinity of possibility, as he becomes the art of being immortal and alive.

Excerpt from “Stained Glass” written by Lina Feuerstein

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