We are an online events platform connecting artists and art with a global audience of tech-savvy art enthusiasts.

As artists have increasingly struggled to gain exposure through traditional brick-and-mortar galleries and museums, Dot Red is revolutionizing the business of art by using online conversations and storytelling to facilitate the understanding, power, and value of talented individuals and the creative processes that produce art.

Bringing world-class exhibitions online

We partner with galleries, artists, curators to build one-of-a-kind digital art exhibitions. We add a new dimension to exhibitions through audio / visual experiences.

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How it Works

Simple step-by-step process to upload and publish content for the Exhibition Publisher; ie. Artist, Gallery, Collector.

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Step 1

Fill out and submit your exhibit  using our online application form.

Step 2

We work with you to coordinate, capture, and ensure quality publishing.
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Step 3

We publish your artwork on the Dot Red Platform.

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