Interview: Jessie Chaney

My name is Jessie Chaney. I’m a photographer, and I’m represented by Fabrik Projects: in Los Angeles.

What has been the biggest inspiration in your photography work?

The biggest inspiration in my photography work has been finding an element of hope, faith, and light in unexpected places. And imagining new ideas where we’re least looking.

Can you tell us about the process of your photography?

My process with my work is a balance of seeking and finding places that I want to photograph, and I believe to be part of my vision. And then also being open to receiving and finding things on the way, often where I’m not planning for it. And I find the best days, the best light, the best locations for my work.

Where do you see your work going in the next three years?

I see my work continuing to expand and evolve. My dream would be to have a museum show. And I love doing art fairs, so to continue doing art fairs. And to be in the homes and collections of terrific people, continue providing clients, and be in as many places as I can have my work.

What do your buyers find in your work when they’re purchasing your work?

I hope they find a sense of energy in my captured work that they feel drawn and attracted to, that they find something that inspires them, that uplifts them. Find beauty or meaning and want that piece carried on.

What do you want to say about your work, and how does it represent you?

My goal is that my work reflects how I see the world and my surroundings. And how I experience life and navigate all of its’ ups and downs and beautiful gifts and challenges. That I capture that, and it translates through my photography.
Interview: Jessie Chaney, Dot Red