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      OPEN CALL → BIPOC-identifying, cross-disciplinary, multimedia, transmedia, and fine artists whose art bends time, challenges the preconceptions of both work and leisure, seeks joy (whatever that means to you), challenges the audience to engage in reflective daydreaming on what could be / has been possible. We are interested in how the lens of collective emotion defines technology’s purpose through interactive and immersive sensory experience. 

Painting • Photography • Mixed Media • Sculpture • AR/VR • Installation • Sound Art 
Deadline to submit work is December 15, 2023.
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      🎙️🖼️ See you all Today @ 12:30pm PST 
Join us in our upcoming IG Live “Magical Realism and Expression” today Thursday, November 30th, 2023. 

Featuring artists Marta Solaz, Samira Nowparast, and Ariel Vargassal in a conversation about their most recent exhibition at the Pablo Bogdan Gallery “Realism Dreams” curated by Jonathan Feldman.  Pablo Bogdan, owner of the gallery, will be introducing the exhibition, curator, and artists as we explore this meaningful conversation.

Connect and share your questions. See you there!
#ArtLivesInConversation #ContemporaryArt #laartists #iglive
      Love Poem Chicago | 1970 by @johnsimmonsasc 

Enjoy the visual world of John Simmons, ASC! 📸
Discover the photographer’s timeless artistry within our latest online exhibition, “Photography is My Heart.” 🎞️
From the Chicago Defender to the American Society of Cinematographers, Simmons’ journey is a visual masterpiece.

Visit our online exhibition to witness Simmons’ talent for capturing moments of cultural history in Black America over the many decades.

See link in bio to read our most recent article for an exclusive look at the details of his work available 24/7 all around the globe! 🌐

#onlineexhibition #contemporaryart #blackandwhitephotography #johnsimmons #artlivesinconversation #dotredco
      From the court to the canvas, top athletes are making moves in the art world! 🎨 

Read the latest @nytimes article in the link in our bio, to discover how sports icons like Carmelo Anthony are becoming serious art collectors, spotlighting contemporary artists of color. 

#artmarketinsights #artlivesinconversation #artcollecting
      🎨 Explore the vibrant L.A. art scene this weekend! 🖼️ 

Celebrate the best of contemporary art at Lisson Gallery (@lisson_gallery), Irvine Fine Arts Center (@irvinefinearts), Billis Williams Gallery (, and Tanya Leighton Los Angeles (@tanyaleighton).

👉 This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, immerse yourself in the captivating works of renowned artists like Hugh Hayden (@huthhayden), Nadim Kurani (@nadimkurani.artist) , Hagop Najarian (@hagopnajarian), Max Presneill (@maxpresneill), Stephanie Sherwood (@stephanie_sherwood_art), John Sollom (@johnsollom), Curtis Stage (@curtisstage), Surge Witrön (@surgeinabottle), Dani Dodge (@dani_dodge), Carolyn Mason (@carolynmasonart), Barbara Strasen (@barbara_strasen), Mela M (@mela.m.studio1), Fabiola Gironi (gironifabiola), and Sara Issakharian (@saraissakharian)

📸 Mark your calendar and enjoy an art-filled weekend! 🗓️ 

#ContemporaryArt #LAArtScene #LAGalleries #laartists

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