Issue 9: Sustainability

June 15th 2022 – July 5th, 2022


Forecast Journal Bio:

Swiftly, inexorably, members of our species are beginning to become aware of a world that exists beyond the confines of our specific cultures and lives — beginning to recognize, that is, that our own personal, social, and political crises reflect a growing crisis in the biological matrix of life on the planet. The ecological crisis may be the result of a recent and collective perceptual disorder in our species, a unique form of myopia which we now perceive and must race to delay and correct. For many who have regained a genuine depth perception — recognizing our own embodiment as entirely internal to, and thus wholly dependent upon, the vaster body of the Earth — the only possible course of action is to begin planning and working on behalf of the ecological world which we now discern.

And yet ecological thinking is still having trouble taking root in the human world, despite these past two years of global pandemic and accelerating ecological disasters — it is still viewed by most as just another ideology. Meanwhile, ecological science remains a highly specialized and inaccessible discipline circumscribed within a mostly mechanistic biology. It is my belief that this collection of imaginative approaches to Sustainability can provide seeds for new and radical philosophies of ecological awareness. This issue of Forecast seeks to remain true to the diversity of experience in our biosphere and suggest a range of cultural transformations that withstand the test of time, remain relevant, solve problems, create legacy, and offer a capacious way to think about the world we share with other kinds of beings.

Issue 9 is unique in that it begins with the stories places tell about themselves, through their human interlocutors. Some of us listened to the speech of stones, as renowned writer Terry Tempest Williams did, in her beloved Castle Valley, Utah. Others performed eco-sexual marriages with the earth (Caroline Huntley Coxe) or drove through the western US on a road trip seen from the perspective of bison (Brooke Williams). Often, the focus was boldly imaginative, for example considering the stars from the Atacama desert in Chile and how indigenous cosmologies contribute to emerging discourse on space exploration, synthetic biology and extended intelligence (Prathima Muniyappa).

A selection of non-fiction reportage offers a deeper investigation into diverse topics, such as indigenous approaches to fire control in California (Char Miller), trans and BIPOC activist resources for mutual aid during the pandemic (Li Pallas), and how to die a green death and live a green life (Caylin Ellowitz), with a discussion of eco-funerary practice, adaptive reuse, and sustainable development. Often, the focus is close to home, whether in designing fashion that can be created from trash (Abigail Tate + Jessica Prasertsri), or analyzing the role of health care workers and their families during the COVID-19 crisis, as a form of secular religious sacrifice of the economically insecure (Tsering Say). In different ways, two writers offer philosophical essays that consider alternative cosmologies and cultural ontologies that contribute to emerging discourse on indigenous futurism and sacred technologies (Kythe Heller + Rodrigo Cáceres). We round out the issue with an interview that re-imagines the colonialist implications of the white cube as an art space (Jeff Mark Leavitt + Caroline Huntley Coxe) and a poem that zooms out to consider the geological time scales of the biosphere we inhabit together (Katy Gurin).

As Forecast continues to add exploratory media channels, the opportunity for mixed-genre (and mixed media) has grown for the artists involved. We are thrilled to present our first issue devoted to sustainability; we hope it inspires and challenges you to create the future you seek.

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“Unearth blessings” is a demonstration of uniqueness and experimentation in Clairfoster Browne’s work. In this work, he combines his technique into different canvases that the artist then puts together. Colorful and impactful, “Unearth Blessings” becomes an unforgettable piece from the first time you look at it. 
Listen to the artist speak more on his work in our online exhibition “Future Memory” still available on our website. 
“Only through digging deep into the souls of humanity, understanding one’s pain, hardship, struggle, and sorrow will then began to unearth tremendous blessings throughout and within humanity”. 

Clairfoster Browne is somewhat of a mad scientist artist as he dabbles in everything from graffiti/live painting, to fine art, to general graphic design.  His artistic inspiration was sparked at a very young age, moved by the support of his fourth grade teacher. Through this support, he was able to explore the world of art, and he began to cultivate and refine his talent. Another important influence in his life was a visiting community leader from Africa whom Clairfoster hosted during his stay in Los Angeles and highlights an African Proverb taught by this individual, “If you want to travel fast… travel alone. If you want to travel far… travel with others.” 
Currently, Brown also works as a graphic designer and owns his own company, Klerforest, and a collaborative company, Unequal People. Additionally, he also mentors inner city youth through Faith in Christ Ministries and S.A.Y. Yes (Saving America’s Youth). In his work, he embodies living in a race-less world, that by inclusion rather than exclusion, we can travel much farther. He is particularly drawn to youth populations because he understands how his path was forged at an early age. He works with old, abandoned pieces of wood that have been discarded by the roadside, that transform into a depiction of Clairfoster’s perspective of life. “No matter where we all have been in our lives - broke, broken or discarded - we still can be reshaped”. 
🎨✨ A heartfelt thank you to all who joined our private event “One Couple’s Art Collecting Journey” during Frieze week! We were thrilled to share this special afternoon with such a passionate audience. Our deepest gratitude goes to Laurie Raskin and Rick Shuman for not only sharing their incredible collection but also for opening their beautiful art-filled home to create such an intimate setting. We also extend our appreciation to our dedicated vendors and production team whose hard work made this event a success.
We loved sharing the beautiful collection, conversations, and are excited to continue seeing you at our future events and exhibitions! 
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Miles Regis’ talks about his multimedia paintings in the audio interview of “My Cup Runneth Over”. This painting speaks on gratitud and ancestry, and how ancestors and our past are connected to the joy lived in our present. This piece is still available to purchase on our website, where you can also listen to the audio description of this and all other “Future Memory” exhibited pieces!
Link in our bio 🔗!
Miles Regis is a Los Angeles-based, Trinidad-born artist that seamlessly intertwines fine art and fashion design, utilizing a diverse array of materials to create large-scale mixed media paintings. His canvases feature dimensional collage elements such as denim, buttons, leather, printed matter, sequins, and eclectically sourced textiles. With a rich palette and gestural techniques, Regis crafts stylized renditions of fundamental scenes, conveying themes of love, loss, freedom, survival, activism, and living history. Rooted in humanism, his work draws from emotional experiences of exotic cultures, presented with a modern twist through stark black and white structures contrasted with vibrant hues.
Regis, known for his eye motifs, encourages viewers to delve deeper into his art. Beyond traditional mediums, he has embraced Virtual Reality, constructing interdimensional visual worlds layer by layer. This innovative approach, paired with his original electronic beats, results in kinetic and seductive journeys into Abstract Expressionism hyperspace. Regis’ creations adorn the permanent collections of Intel Corporation, California African American Museum, and Senegal’s La Musee Borindar. His art has been showcased at Art Basel Miami and Coachella Arts And Music Festival, and he has collaborated with entities like CNN, Art For Amnesty, Adobe, and Tonny Sorenson. Regis’ unique fusion of art forms and mediums marks him as a visionary in the contemporary art scene.
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